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    Notion progress/aide

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    Notion progress/aide
    Message de vivi2320 posté le 17-04-2019 à 18:27:33 (S | E | F)
    pouvez vous me corriger niveau orthographe et cohérence svp s'il vous plait ?
    Merci pour vos réponses.

    I am going to talk about the notion of “ideas of progress”.
    There are many forms of progress : scientific, technological, social. The progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change, a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the wolrd a better place and improve the living conditions of men. It is a need for our evolution. But sometimes progress causes problems than it solves with new technologies, médecine, modernizations. It can change our vision of the mandkind, affect our society and the quality of our way of life. We can illustrate this notion with the science progress specially gender selection through a film, GATTACA (a dystopia set in the not so distant future). The science fiction consists on telling fiction based on scientific and technical progress obtained in a more or less distant future, or physically imppossible, at least in the current state of our knowledge. So, we attempt to answer is Gattaca a science fiction ?

    I.The advantages of scientific progress
    People are all blood tested before entering the place to check their ID : good for security
    Tthe main character’s parents were told be was likely to struggle at school because of attention deficit disorder and to die of heart attack and his life expectancy was 30 years. So, they decide to go see a local geneticist to conceive their second child. The doctor eradicated major diseases and also screened babies with certain conditions like premature, baldness, or myopia, or propensity for violence. He takes out of leaving anything to chance. They use science to transform their genetic heritage, in order to choose traits and have a perfect healthy baby ideal.
    Some clinics are advertising gender selection as the main reason for undergoing IVF and PGD, not infertility : family paid 20000$ for it to undergo IVF + 85% of people just paid to choose the gender
    It is bad to eradicate disability ? to want a world with no one in a wheelchair? A world without disability people is not so bad
    the ethicists believe insurance will play for eliminating diseases to save money in treatments later
    Some ethicists worry IVF and GS are a slippery slope towards designer babies. It is becoming more and more common for parents to choose the gender of their baby when the mother has to undergo IVF to treat infertility. That is because IVF is combined with PGD a genetic test which screens diseases but also reveals gender.

    II. The drawbacks generated by scientific progress
    In the first scene, we see all the employees are wearing black suits. Their faces are blank and they look sad, all the same with no feelings : machines, undeads. It is quite and stressful.
    Because of his bad genetic assessment Vincent is discriminated again and he can’t go to school, and his dad prefers his brother: feels left out and humiliated, jealous
    It is unregulated in the US but banned in many Countries Like India China or the UK.
    People are afraid it will skew the gender ratio, it is not safe, risky, education plays a bigger role
    it is difficult for a family to look after a disabled baby+ it raises questions about the value of disability in our society
    kill diversity?
    expensive and not covered by insurance = inequalities, discrimination against people who can’t afford the technique and are less abilities
    This reminds us of eugenics during the SWW, but this time it is liberal eugenics. It is not a didactor choosing the best traits but society in general (in a free market society)

    So, we can say in conclusion that Gattaca make us realize that men always seek to achieve perfection by improving and progressing through scientific innovations like Ivy, abortions, crispr, GS, but this can lead them to the opposite case. We can’t fully discriminate this process now because there are no consensus and so many opinions. I agree with the idea that gender selection can eradicated diseases but i disagree about physical traits, because it can affect human evolution and the well being of the planet, not fundamental for the peace and the welfare. I really enjoyed reading this article because I am very interested in scientific progress in link with social and political issues. It is important not to forget that the progress is a need for all of us because our lives have to be better but there are also drawbacks such as diseases, sadness, mechanism, dictatorship : so, we have to be careful because in the future this could lead to our own deadline, it is important that we are aware of the dangers of progress, to use it at best.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 17-04-2019 22:00

    Réponse : Notion progress/aide de laure95, postée le 17-04-2019 à 18:42:30 (S | E)
    - it solves (mal dit)with new technologies, médecine (pas d'accent), modernizations.
    - the science progress: progess in science.
    - specially: orthographe.
    - The (pas de the)science fiction consists on (pas la bonne préposition) telling fiction

    Intro un peu longue.
    I. because of (article)attention deficit disorder
    - So, they decide (passé)to go(and) see a local geneticist
    - They use (passé) science to transform
    - family paid 20000$ for it to undergo IVF + 85% of people just paid to choose the gender: présent.
    - It is bad to eradicate disability ?: ordre des mots.
    - disability (mettre l'adjectif)people is not so bad
    - the (pas de the)ethicists believe

    II. we (can)see all the employees are wearing black suits.
    It is quite (orthographe) and stressful.
    and his dad prefers his brother: (sujet) feels left out and humiliated, jealous

    are less abilities: ?

    Gattaca make (faute de conjugaison)us realize
    gender selection can eradicated diseases: can + infinitif.
    but i (majuscule)disagree about (pas la bonne préposition)physical traits,
    - because it can affect (article)human evolution
    - the (pas de the)progress is a need for all of us

    Conclusion un peu longue.

    Réponse : Notion progress/aide de vivi2320, postée le 17-04-2019 à 19:51:18 (S | E)
    merci bcp beaucoup!!!

    Modifié par lucile83 le 17-04-2019 22:03

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