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    Partie 2 correction/USA

    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais || En bas

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    Partie 2 correction/USA
    Message de mrnch posté le 24-11-2019 à 18:13:59 (S | E | F)
    c'est la suite de ma publication, j'aurais besoin d'aide pour corriger ce texte s'il vous plait !
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.

    The song presents a veteran as a tragic figure rejected after his return from the war.
    In Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen denounces the defects of the USA. He explains that to be born and live in the USA was disabling because during the 20th century when you were young, you must go to the war, it was an obligation. The united States sent young men to their death without choices.
    We know that the Vietnam war was destructive. And on the 20th century, each war forced men to participate. We saw few report of the Vietnam War and the report said that approximately 150 000 veterans commited suicide and many veterans had symptoms of post-traumatic stress.
    Moreover, Usa lost the war so the government wanted to forget this defeat, they haven’t prepare the return of veterans, so veterans was without accommodation and without job. We can add drug addiction because soldiers consumed drugs during the war.
    Secondly, the song tells the wanderings of a young man from the countryside who is offered a rifle and sent to Vietnam. Upon returning from the war, Springsteen preferring not to risk to describe a conflict he did not know because he was reformed for health reasons. But young people returning broken, he has known many, describing the loneliness of this man caught between a memory that haunted him and a country for which he fought that offers nothing in return. Besides, the country didn’t help former soldiers, some veterans didn’t readjust at their lives : « Till you spend half your life just covering up »
    In “Born in the USA”, Springsteen speaks about his brother who was killed during the war, He left behind him his wife and maybe his children. This shows the impacts for the american family.
    So Springsteen denounce war’s horror and soldier’s trauma. The song made huge political impact as he was advocating for the rights of the common working-class man.
    But after the release of the song, there had some misunderstanding, people thought that it was a patriotic song.

    Parler d’un moment précis
    We would like to speak about this verse

    Come back home to the refinery De retour chez moi, à la raffinerie
    Hiring man says Son if it was up to me Le chef du personnel me dit Fils, si ça ne dépendait que de moi.
    Went down to see my V.A. man Ayant vu le secrétaire aux anciens combattants
    He said Son, don't you understand now Il m'a dit Fils, ne comprends-tu pas maintenant ?

    We chose this verse because it is about the return of a veteran and about his difficulty ton be back in the society. Most of the soldier who fight in vietnam weren’t soldier but workers in factory. Moreover Bruce always took a stand from the point of view of the popular classes that’s why in the song the main character try to work back in refinery. This caracter ask to the hiring man to work in his factory but without success. He refused because he came back from vietnam. This war had very rejected by americans that’s why the image of americans’ soldiers have been dirty. Americans thought that they were barbaric and dirty and maybe with mental disorders.
    The veteran secretary wasn’t prepared to welcome back soldier that’s why he couldn’t have help with secretary of veteran’s affair. He is alone in favor to reintegrate himself.

    Vocabulaire, mots découverts :
    We discovered news words during our research and in the song:
    Misunderstanding : malentendu / A Tribute : hommage / Loneliness : solitude /
    Disabling : handicapant (adj) / Wanderings : errance, vagabondage /
    Bossy : directif/ve (adj.) / mental disorders : troubles mentaux / to limp : boiter /
    weaker : plus faible / careless : imprudent / a rifle : un fusil /
    We can see a lexical field of ??????
    Moreover, Springsteen used oral language, he called the soldier “son”, he used familiar language like the yellow man” “dead man's town”.And he didn’t repeat the subject at the beginning of each sentence.

    Firstly, we like the song, the instrumental part is great.
    Secondly, when we look carefully the lyrics, we imagine the distress of soldiers.
    So, we understand the denunciations of the american model because soldiers fight for their country, they sacrifice their lives or they come back traumatized and the USA give back nothing to the veterans. It’s an injustice for the soldier and their family..
    We understand why Springsteen wrote this song, we share his opinion.
    We think that Springsteen gave notoriety at the veterans who were overlooked.

    Thank you for listening

    Modifié par lucile83 le 24-11-2019 18:40

    Réponse : Partie 2 correction/USA de laure95, postée le 25-11-2019 à 10:41:26 (S | E)
    - when you were young, you must (must n'existe qu'au présent, utiliser son équivalent TO HAVE TO et le conjuguer) go to the war
    - The united (majuscule) States sent young men to their death
    - without choices: mal dit.
    - And on (pas la bonne préposition) the 20th century, each war forced men to participate (in them).
    - We saw few report (pluriel?)of the Vietnam War
    - Moreover,(article) Usa lost the war
    - they haven’t prepare: mal conjugué.
    - so veterans was (faute de conjugaison)without (any)accommodation and without (enlever)job.
    - Secondly, the song tells (une personne parle, pas une chanson) the wanderings of a young man
    - he has known many (many what?), describing the loneliness of this man
    - This shows the impacts for the american (majuscule)family.
    - So Springsteen denounce (faute de conjugaison) war’s horror (mal construit)and (article)soldier’s trauma.
    - The song made (article)huge political impact
    - there had some misunderstanding,

    Most of the soldier (pluriel) who fight (passé) in vietnam (majuscule)weren’t soldier (pluriel)but workers in factory (pluriel).
    - the main character try (faute de conjugaison)to work back in refinery.
    - This caracter (orthographe) ask (faute de conjugaison)to the hiring man to work in his factory but without success.
    - This war had very rejected (mal construit)by americans (majuscule)
    - the image of (article) americans’ (pas de ') soldiers have been dirty .

    Secondly, when we look carefully (at) the lyrics, we (can)imagine the distress of soldiers.
    it’s an injustice for the soldier and their (his) family..

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