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    Correction/ to the doctor

    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais || En bas

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    Correction/ to the doctor
    Message de redneck68 posté le 15-07-2013 à 19:52:36 (S | E | F)

    Pouvez vous,s'il vous plait, vérifier si la phrase suivante est bien construite.
    Do you want me to take you to the doctor.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 15-07-2013 21:21

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de lucile83, postée le 15-07-2013 à 21:27:22 (S | E)

    Do you want me to take you to the doctor.
    I think it would be better if it read
    Do you want me to take you to the doctor's?

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de anijo, postée le 16-07-2013 à 06:23:35 (S | E)

    "Do you want me to take you to the doctor's"? = wrong (sentence fragment)
    "Do you want me to take you to the doctor"? - correct
    Doctor= object
    or "Doctor's office" = object
    "Do you want me to take you to the doctor's office?." = correct
    Lien internet

    Modifié par anijo le 16-07-2013 06:24

    Modifié par lucile83 le 16-07-2013 07:31

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de lucile83, postée le 16-07-2013 à 07:44:35 (S | E)
    Hello anijo

    You could be right about grammar. However we never add 'office' or 'shop' or 'house' at the end of these sentences in daily conversations.
    I need to go to the doctor's.
    I need to go to the butcher's.
    I'd like to go to John's.
    St Paul's ...which is the famous Cathedral of London.

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de violet91, postée le 16-07-2013 à 11:22:02 (S | E)
    Hello too,

    And it would be 'surgery' or a more general word = place .

    Do you want me to take you to the doctor's IS the proper sentence as lucile explained .
    Do you want me a bit authoritative in English ...but ok, in case of emergency .Do you wish, need a doctor ? Would you like me to...would me more polite towards the' partner ' and give her/him more freedom for choosing yes or no .
    If the person is in such a bad state she / he can't go to the doctor's ( surgery), you would say :

    Either - Do you want me to call (for) the doctor ? --- Or : Shall I send for the doctor ( for you ) ?

    You know most doctors don't visit patients in their homes in GB , do you ? You must manage going yourself or you go straight to the hospital if something very bad has happened to you ...this is National Health System and it is strict : N.H.S . To save time and money. Therefore, they can treat more patients and they also reduce the amount of drugs prescribed . Apart from being a general policy , it is a sort of national state of mind and discipline , I should say .

    Modified for precision . Violet .

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de kadzona, postée le 16-07-2013 à 14:07:17 (S | E)
    Hello - from the UK where I can assure you that you CAN have a GP visit you in your own home. It has happened to me: it happens, regularly, to my elderly neighbour. The NHS isn't as bad as some people think.

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de violet91, postée le 16-07-2013 à 16:27:00 (S | E)
    Good for you the doctor came if you were in a bad state and for weak elderly people around you .
    I am sorry you might have felt upset about what I was just explaining to a French person . Living and teaching near London for quite a time and going to GB as often as I can , this was , has been and still is my experience . From the very first day of my arrival , I was warned I had to register with the doctor (GP) nearby and had to go there, even feeling ill. That is what I did when I was very poor with a severe sore throat and a temperature . I also took pupils to my Romford high school almost every year 'all my life ' and if necessary ( and it was , several times ) I just followed the rule and took this boy or that girl to the hospital ( even to a dental surgeon's ) . And that was great and easy .

    Moreover , my best English friend has just retired from Bristol Hospital (Southmead or something ?) ; as a citizen , she also goes to the doctor's or hospital if she needs to. I also do know she herself visits very ill, handicapped or / and elderly persons who are unable to leave their homes . Actually , the only time I saw a doctor come to her house , was for my babyson who was very unwell once , on a holiday time.
    I was just trying to say the British system seems to be wiser than the French one : no waste of time , less 'unnecessary ' visits and saving money in another medical purpose . Less drugs as well .
    And France has started considering your' free' system is probably better than ours . Doctors ask for patients to come to their surgeries, more and more .

    Sorry you perhaps misunderstood my comments and intentions ; I just wanted to explain the difference ...and I know what N.H.S is , with its numerous advantages ( and some drawbacks such as long delays...for instance )
    No polemics , trust me .

    Modifié par violet91 le 16-07-2013 16:47

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de anijo, postée le 16-07-2013 à 16:52:23 (S | E)
    Hello Lucile

    I stand corrected. I looked around the internet and discovered that quite a few language forums debate whether it should be "I need to go to the doctor's" or "I need to go the doctor". The first one sounded wrong to me as it seemed to be a sentence fragment. But I now realize that the thing possessed is implicit. I noticed that British English speakers say "doctor's" whereas many (but not all) Americans tended to feel uncomfortable with this.

    And speaking of the thing possessed:
    "A doctor's office in American English, or a doctor's surgery in British English"
    Lien internet

    Good discussion. I learned something today.

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de notrepere, postée le 16-07-2013 à 16:57:36 (S | E)

    I need to go to the doctor/hair dresser/barber/etc. is more common in American English. We hardly ever use possessives in these types of sentences. I suppose the reason is that we are thinking of people instead of places.

    Réponse: Correction/ to the doctor de violet91, postée le 16-07-2013 à 17:30:55 (S | E)
    Hello too,

    Et en français , des gens ( les enfants surtout) commettent parfois l'erreur de dire - je vais au coiffeur ( ou autre) ! Cela prend une dimension comique ...envisageant en effet la personne de ' très près '
    Le Français moyen dira correctement : - je vais chez le coiffeur ( c'est donc d'abord le lieu où l'on va qui est pris en compte ; d'où l'emploi du chez = dans le salon ) .

    Modifié par lucile83 le 16-07-2013 22:22

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