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    Hyphen /help

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    Hyphen /help
    Message from mohammad51 posted on 28-10-2020 at 22:39:02 (D | E | F)
    I got mixed with the following question. Please help.
    Thank you in advance.

    Rewrite the following sentences, adding hyphens where needed.
    The report shows that two thirds of the population are under fifty five years
    of age.
    Firstly, I see the word ( population ) is usually followed by a singular verb according to the most grammar books.
    = collective noun both singular \ plural = possible

    My suggestion to use a hyphen is :
    The report shows that two thirds of the population are under fifty-five years of age.

    My notice :
    If I hyphenate ( two-thirds of the population) it becomes noun not adjective
    OR perhaps I can say : The report shows two-thirds population are .... ( I see the construction with (of) is better than the last.
    For the second part using hyphen is OK since the word ( years ) = noun head and ( fifty- five ) can be already hyphenated in this way. = adjective here.

    Best wishes
    I want to add : I searched many pages also books and I noticed some keep it non hyphenated ( two thirds of population ) and some hyphenated it.
    So it seems to me, anyone can write as he they want ( one is American and another is British and so on ), but why to say a word or term functions quantifier is not hyphenated ??

    Edited by lucile83 on 29-10-2020 08:42

    Re: Hyphen /help from mohammad51, posted on 29-10-2020 at 09:05:52 (D | E)
    Sorry perhaps I was hurried wile reading then got it superficially.
    Here said : Link

    It doesn't matter how complicated your number is, if it's a quantifier to a noun, then it is not hyphenated. When your number is a quantifier, the only hyphens are the ones that would be there ordinarily (e.g., in numbers such as "twenty-three," "three-quarter").
    I did not focus on the next paragraph.
    But I read in many pages it cannot be hyphenated unless it works ( adj ) modifying a noun.

    It is here : Link

    Fractions are written out in words. They are hyphenated only when they come right in front of a noun, called a “direct” adjective.
    …increased by seven eighths…
    …only one third of them remained…

    …a seven-eights increase…
    …one-third reduction in staff
    I think any one will be mixed when reading such comments here or there.

    And I see they are not adjectives. Is it any item preceding a noun, functioning adjective ?
    Two- thirds people or two-thirds ( two thirds ) population \ the population .....what does the item ( two thirds ) act ?
    Is it not quantifier ?
    Two-thirds of something is an amount that is two out of three equal parts of it.
    Two-thirds of householders in this country live in a mortgaged home. [+ of]
    Stir the chopped chocolate, fruit and nuts into two-thirds of the cheese mixture.
    Is not clear here ? Link

    Re: Hyphen /help from lucile83, posted on 29-10-2020 at 22:20:31 (D | E)

    Re: Hyphen /help from mohammad51, posted on 30-10-2020 at 22:46:17 (D | E)
    Thank you dear teacher lucile83, to say anyone ?

    I see it is a matter of different views.
    Once said quantifier ( fraction) when it is not adjective must be not hyphenated; on the other hand, they hyphenate.
    It is too much hard to determine an item ( fraction ) to say it is noun.
    Simply the noun can be subject and object.
    One example through which I want to remind all teachers as well as specialists.

    Almost two-thirds of the land in the southwestern areas of the country ( is )unsuitable for farming.
    Subject verb agreement = is ( singular)
    If ( Two- thirds ) = subject then ( are )
    Thus, it can tell us that ( Two-thirds ) is never a subject or hardly to be a noun ... because a word = noun ( it can be both subject and object ) I see it is more to say ( quantifier)
    Lastly, if to agree with who claim ( Two- thirds) not hyphenated in case a noun or suggested to be a noun:
    I see : if it is not followed by a noun directly = no hyphen is needed
    For example :
    Two thirds of the people are illiterate.
    Two-thirds people are illiterate.

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    Forum > English only

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