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    Animal Farm /correction (1)

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    Animal Farm /correction
    Message de loupevivante posté le 21-02-2009 à 18:51:26 (S | E | F)

    Dans le cadre d'un projet en anglais, je devais lire le livre Animal Farm et répondre à certaines questions. Voici donc les réponses. Cependant, je n'arrive point à illimiter toutes les fautes s'y trouvant. Pourriez-vous m'aider s.v.p.? Merci beaucoup de votre aide. Rapidement s.v.p. car je dois le rendre le 23 février 2009.

    He must have a fertile imagination to write such a story. Giving to animals some human characteristics and developing in depth everyone’s character is not an easy thing to do. However, George Orwell carried out that huge task with brilliance. Through his characters behaviour, this famous author popularized one of the most important twenty century realities, a historic event. He allowed, thanks to his talent, the population to understand that complex phenomenon. By reading this book, through its lines, you will be opening up to the out-side world, to realize some international stakes and their raison d’etre. You will get the timeliness to solve some previous and actual conflicts, to analyze them and their relevance. In brief, you will grow up on your moral aspect. Your world comprehension will improve and become more profound. You will discover every Russian Revolution and communist government applications secrets…

    Why apples and milk are pigs ownership?
    The Rebellion was make in order that the animals production return to them. It’s a well-known fact that Humans represent the only land being to use without produce a single thing. All this goes to show that the Rebellion was justified from that poor beasts which behaved as slaves towards Humans. However, a contradictory situation occurred. Every single milk drop and apples are pigs ownership although there are cows and trees production! My own view of this is that all this goes against the Rebellion purposes.
    On the one hand, why these things belong to pigs and not to everybody. Of course, the vitamins they contain are essential to their brain development. However, every animal get that organ and deserve that it develops till its maximal level. Compared with pigs, dogs are not so idiot! That animal race which manipulates the others forces its company on them and retorts that pigs should be that superior quality food owners to see the farm production through. This is lie. Pigs can’t do a single thing without the other animal. They are the production basis and they deserve exactly the same food as pigs.
    Therefore, there is no good reason to explain that incomprehensible situation. Apples and milk are every animals ownership in reality. Arguments which prove the opposite don’t exist. This is only pigs complaint because they are so smart that they behave like Humans. Do animals want to come back to their initial slave position? I don’t think so…

    Such inexplicable situations happen everyday all around the world, which remind the affected population of the unpredictable nature of life. In fact, it is impossible to control the progress of everything, especially when it is destiny.

    What happened on that Sunday morning in that English farm is an example of one of these unexpected events. Before that historic day, nobody would imagine that such a situation could occur. Mr. Jones, his wife and all his employees must leave their own farm because of their animals' behaviour towards them. According to them, one cow broke in the door of the store-shed with her horn and all the animals began to help themselves from the bins. In spite of Mr. Jones and his employees' intervention, they didn't pay off to take up again the control over those furious beasts. All men tried to calm the animals down by lashing out in all direction. In no time, roles were reversed. Every present animal in this farm flung themselves upon their tormentors. Jones and his men suddenly found themselves being butted and kicked from all sides. The situation was quite out of their control. They had never seen animals behave like that before! This sudden uprising of the creatures whom they were used to control frightened them almost out of their wits. Thus, they gave up trying to defend themselves and took to their heels. Their next action was not surprising because of their particular situation at that point. All five of them were in full flight down the cart-track that led to the main road, with the animals pursuing them.

    At that time, because of that terror feeling they felt in the deeper part of their respective body, they could not explain their animals’ reaction in that sunny summer day. However, on second thoughts, they remembered that this morning, they completely failed in their job by forgetting to feed their beasts because of some mysterious events they refused to comment on. We learned from their neighbouring that Mr. Jones had become much disheartened after losing money in a lawsuit, and had taken to drinking more than was good for him. So, thanks to that fact, we might suppose that those unknown events were related to Jones' drink habit.

    In conclusion, the only information we found is that nobody bothering to feed the animals... So it was hungry animals which attacked those poor people. According to me, this is a sufficient raison to provoke what I will call from now on “the Wild Rebellion”.

    Modifié par bridg le 21-02-2009 18:53

    Réponse: Animal Farm /correction de intrepid34, postée le 21-02-2009 à 22:22:47 (S | E)
    Good evening Loupevivante!!

    I think your interpretation is excellent - however.....!! May I suggest
    Line 1: He (The author) must have had a fertile imagination. Giving animals such human characteristics and developing everyone's character in depth...
    Line 2 : character's behavious
    Line 4 : outside (one word)
    LINE 6: Your comprehension of the world
    Line 8: Why are apples and milk the pig's property?
    Line 9: The rebellion was carried out so that the farm production would be returned to the animals
    (La prochaine phrase était difficile à comprendre - It is a well-known fact ........)
    Line 11: Every single drop of milk
    Line 13: Why DO these things ........
    Line 14: However, every animal who owns this organ deserves to develop it to its maximum level

    These are probably just a few major corrections, but on the whole it's a good essay! Well done it must have taken you a long time!!


    Réponse: Animal Farm /correction de loupevivante, postée le 22-02-2009 à 00:55:08 (S | E)
    Thank you...!!!


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