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    Correction/ Power

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    Correction/ Power
    Message de valentine98 posté le 12-04-2016 à 21:55:47 (S | E | F)
    J'ai préparé ma notion "Places and forms of Power" et j'aimerais savoir s'il était possible que quelqu'un m'aide à corriger svp s'il vous plait?
    Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!

    Voici la première partie:
    The notion I'm going to deal with is places and forms of power. I would like to illustrate this notion through the theme of counter-powers. Power is the ability to influence the behaviour of people but when authority seems absolute, counter-powers are needed to question it, aim at limiting its excesses. In order to talk about this notion, I've chosen to present several documents dealing with different means, used at different epochs, to rebel against the Establishment.

    I'm going to present the first document I've chosen which is videos of the Gunpowder Plot from the BBC worldwide. So the first means to rebel can be the violence, here, in God's name. Indeed, in 1605, as explained in the video entitled " A simple plan", Guy Fawkes and his co-plotters Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, Tom Wintour, John Wintour planned to kill King James by blowing up the Houses of Parliament. In fact, they were Catholics, as a consequence, they were discriminated against. Indeed, since the excommunication of Queen Elizabeth, the Act of Uniformity had been implemented as we can see in the third video. Catholic faith had been forbidden in England. As an example, they couldn't attend mess, their babies couldn't be baptised, they had to go to Protestant church on Sunday. We can say that the Establishment had a great power on the mores and the faith of its population. As a result, Guy Fawkes wanted to rebel, to be able to practice his own religion, he didn't want to obey to the Act of Uniformity. However, his plot had failed. He was arrested on the 4th Nov. in the vault of the Parliament where the gunpowder was stored. Then, he was brought to the Tower of London where he was quartered with the rack, the worst means of torture. He was finally executed and became a martyr for the Catholics. This plot showed it's possible but dangerous to rebel against the Establishment that is very authoritarian. Catholics were powerless, they had no rights and were persecuted. However, Guy Fawkes fought in God's name thus the religion is such powerful that provokes violent acts. We can find more pacifist means to rebel.

    Indeed, as a second document, I'm going to talk about other counter powers: the strike and the speech. The document I've chosen is an extract from the script of the film entitled "Made in Dagenham" released in 2010 by W. Ivory. This film is inspired by a real strike happened in the Ford Factory in Dagenham during the sixties. It's a dialogue between Mrs Castle, the Secretary of State for Employment and Rita O' Grady, a sewing machinist. She leads a strike of 187 underpaid women. Women revolt against pay discrimination. Their wages were lower than man's. The State supports men, it was a man's world. So first, in the extract, Mrs Castle doesn't agree to increase their wages, she is afraid of the power of media and men: "the Lords'll kick up a fuss. The press'll have a field day". But Rita convinces her to increase their wages of 90%. So finally, Mrs Castle surrenders. The director wanted to show us the power of speech, women thanks to words are able to rebel against the Establishment in favour of men. They succeeded in getting better living conditions. The director shows also the great power of women, they knew first take the power with the strike. Thus, this scripts shows an uprising of women against Power.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 12-04-2016 23:53

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