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    Oral/Myths and Heroes

    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais || En bas

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    Oral/Myths and Heroes
    Message de lolaaaaz posté le 08-05-2016 à 11:58:06 (S | E | F)
    Bonjour ,
    je passe mon oral du Bac mardi et je ne suis pas très forte en anglais , pourriez-vous corriger mes erreurs s'il vous plait ?
    Merci pour vos réponses.
    Lola .

    Myth and héro
    I’m going to talk about the notion myths and hero . A myth can be defined as a story about gods and hero, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or false notion . A hero can be mythological figure , a person who is admired for his or her achievement , a super hero or maybe a role model or an icon . 
    Why does the society create myths and heroes? 
    For illustrate this notion , I’ve chosen three documents ; first it’s a cartoon entitled « The first thanks giving “ painted by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris , the second document entitled « letter to Mama » wrote by Maupin in 1980 and 
    the third document  is a people , Rosa Park 
    The cartoon represent the first thanks giving , we can see pioneers offer a meal In particular a turkey to indians, the origine of thanks giving is : The Indians of the local tribe of Wanpanoag - who had taught pilgrims to cultivate the ground - were invited in the festivities of current Plymouth in 1621 . 

    The second document is a letter , entitled «  Letter to Mama « wrote by Maupin , in this letter a boy confessed his hamosexuality to his parent , he explains his unease in his former city ,and since he lives in San Fransico , He lives his life as he wishes it, and that pout to be totally filled it had to admit to his parents . 

    The third document is a personnage A symbolic character of the United States she is  Afro-American woman who became an iconic figure of the wrestling against the racial segregation in the United States this peoples is Rosa Parks .
    the artist’s point of view for the « thirst thanks giving , he wanted to represent the myth So that people know where from come the myth and And show the source of the myth more over explain  that indians were heros for saved an entire population of pioneers ,  this myth  Is one of founding myths is carrier of a cultural identity in which the nation can recognize itself. 

    the author’s point of view is : He wanted to show the suffering which homosexual experience by being excluded from the society And that they are people as the others Because in the 1980s the rise of the homophobia is very important. By publishing this letter, He wants to show that the homosexuals are normal people, are not drug-addicts or alcoholics, that they have a completely normal work. 

    Now I am going to speak to you about Rosa Park ,She became famous , in Montgomery by refusing to give its place to a white passenger in the bus . Stopped by the police, A young black minister 26-year-old unknown, Martin Luther King, throws then a campaign of protest and boycott against the company of buses  . The people Blacks represent three quarters of the users, have to sit down in the back. They can nevertheless use the central zone, until Whites need it; they owe then, that is to give their place and to go towards the bottom, Rosa  Parks was the first person to rape this regulation. She is arrested , judged and charged with public disorder as well as with violation of the local laws further to that of numerous appearances took place, in particular the boycott of the company of buses the representing black people 3/4 of the income of the company of buses, this one was grateful to abdicate and to arrest the disparities between white people and black people.
    I agree with artist’s  point of vu ,  he represented well the myth ,but it is important not to forget that That the pilgrims massacred the tribe which helped them a few years later

    For the second document I totally agree with author’s point of view  because  because at this time , The homosexuality is a taboo subject, and homosexual are badly seen in the society , and with this letter many young people ,were able to admitted and assumed their homosexuality and lives as they want , this article makes of the author a hero
    Because he assumed to be finally able to live his life as he wished it ,. Furthermore it is very brave on behalf of Maupin to assume his homosexuality at that time and to want to show that the homosexuals are completely normal people, and he tries to open the eyes of the company, thus I consider him as a hero .and with this letter i can make a link with an other notion : space and exanges  because the boy In had to change city for finally lively as him wished it without being pointed .

    Unintentionally Rosa Parks became a heroine of the United States and a representative of the population black. I support totally her  fight and it is partially thanks to her that the segregation was abolished . with this moment we can make a link wit an other notion , Places and form of power
     And I think every one can be here hero to his ladder . 

    in conclusion I think think That the creation of the myth is made for the cohesion of the society and that the heroes are   to be the spokesman of various communities

    Modifié par lucile83 le 08-05-2016 12:13

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    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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