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    Bac/Spaces and Exchanges

    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais || En bas

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    Bac/Spaces and Exchanges
    Message de cam64 posté le 25-04-2017 à 00:07:13 (S | E | F)
    Voici ma notion, j'aimerais qu'on me la corrige s'il vous plait.
    Merci d'avance !

    I am going to talk about the notion « Spaces and Exchanges ».
    First of all, I want to define this notion:
    The different spaces of the world are nowadays more and more connected to each other. This generate exchanges of many forms: information, trade, people, etc…
    I would like to illustrate this notion by the theme of the Mexican immigration in America.
    We can ask ourselves: What difficulties do immigrants face when they come and arrive in a new country ?
    First, I have chosen the recording of a radio program named “New Horizon”. Alejandro Perez presents his life in this one. First of all, he says that he is from the outskirts of Mexico City. He left his wife and his children because he wanted to find the American dream, to give his family better living conditions, salaries and education for his kids. In United States, his wage have been up to ten times. Besides, he speaks about the life expectancy in the US, it’s more longer indeed. People live four years older because there are better medical facilities. Alejandro Perez show the negative aspects of Mexico and the positive aspects of his new life in United States. So United States be one of those spaces that attracts and generate flow between it and the world, in this example, with Mexico.
    The text named “Facing Reality”, from the book Texas of James Michener, illustrate the very dangerous aspect of the US-Border. Twenty illegal immigrants want to cross the border. So, they pay smugglers to be transport. Them who wanted to earn a lot effortlessly simulate a breakdown to abandon immigrants in the desert. Left to their own devices, without water, all Mexicans die. This text reveals that migrants are ready to start a new life by all means. Even if, danger lurks them, immigrants are always attract by America.
    The last document deals with the immigrants integration in United States. It is a comic of Joe Heller which represent five immigrants. They says “I’m just doing the job that you won’t do !”. In the last small picture, we can see Uncle Sam giving a paper to stop immigration in Arizona. The drawer want to say us that the US government is against immigration but Americans are not against the fact that they do menial jobs. This draw revels the migrants conditions in United States too : jobs represents here are very hard, difficult. People have to work at night, or all the day in the full sunshine, for miserable wages.
    To conclude we can say that difficulties are variable: Sometimes migrants find a suitable job quickly, if the trip goes well. If is not the case, they live a living hell. I have the feeling that the US needs new labour force, including unskilled workers to develop country’s economic.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 25-04-2017 06:59

    Réponse : Bac/Spaces and Exchanges de laure95, postée le 25-04-2017 à 10:23:50 (S | E)
    - This generate (faute de conjugaison) exchanges
    - the (pas de the)Mexican immigration in America.
    - We can ask ourselves: chercher le verbe se demander.

    - to find (pas le bon mot ici, chercher le verbe "réaliser un rêve") the American dream,
    - In (article)United States, his wage(s) have been up to ten times.
    - it’s more longer: revoir comparatif.
    - lejandro Perez show (faute de conjugaison)the negative aspects
    - in United States.
    - So (article)United States be (à conjuguer)one of those spaces that attracts and generate (faute de conjugaison)flow (pluriel)
    - The text named “Facing Reality”, from the book Texas of James Michener, illustrate t(faute de conjugaison)
    - to be transport (participe passé)
    - Them (pas le bon pronom)who wanted to earn a lot
    - immigrants are always attract (participe passé)by America.
    - the immigrants (marque de la possession) integration in (article)United States.
    - It is a comic of Joe Heller which represent (faute de conjugaison)five immigrants.
    - They says: faute de conjugaison.
    - The drawer want (faute de conjugaison)to say (utiliser tell)us that
    - This draw(ing) revels (faute de conjugaison)the migrants (marque de la possession)conditions in (article)United States -
    - jobs represents (participe passé)here are very hard, difficult.

    - I have the feeling that the US needs (faute de conjugaison) (article)new labour force
    - country’s economic (pas le bon mot: economic = économique).

    Réponse : Bac/Spaces and Exchanges de cam64, postée le 25-04-2017 à 19:21:30 (S | E)

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    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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