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    Notion/location and form of power

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    Notion/location and form of power
    Message de soweirdness posté le 27-04-2017 à 19:04:05 (S | E | F)
    Je cherche plusieurs personnes pour corriger mes fautes si possible et me donner votre avis!
    Merci pour vos réponses.

    Notion 4- Location and form of power| Borderlands

    Intro : I am going to talk about the notion of Location and Form of Power. I’m going to be interested in the of migration, fixing the emigration from latin america to united states.
    First of all i would like to give a defition of this notion : In politics and social scjence, power is the ability to influence people’s behaviour. In order to live togeteher members of a community accepts rules, regulations, laws. Even when authority seems absolute, thereare always counter-powers which question it aim at limiting it excesses and resistit.
    So now i will try to explain : To what extent do mexican migrants are influenced by the American dream ?
    First, i will talk about the motivation of migrants to in search of american dream. Then it can be hard to pass from dream to reality.

    Dev’ :partie 1 : Migrants can cross the border for severals reasons : politics,war,social etc.. But the main motivation remain econmic and live the American dream.
    I'm going to talk about the document the picture of a cover of the magazine "Business week" entitled "Embracing illegals". It is focused on immigration in the USA. We can see that the picture of this cover is divided into two parts with in the middle a man who looks like a Mexican, and there is a contrast between the first and the second part.
    In the first part, we can see in the background a no man's land with barbed wire that seems to be the Mexico-United States border and in the foreground the man who's crossing the border and he is wearing dirties clothes and carrying a bag. While, in the second part the man carrying a shopping bag, he is wearing smart clothes and shoes and he seems happy, he smiles, and in the background we can see a perfect lawn with9 many beautiful American home and a blue sky.
    Moreover, in the first part, the man walks in the soil, the sand and it's dark because it's the sunset while .
    In my opinion, through the contrast between the landscape, and the man's clothes, this cover of magazine shows the change of lifestyle and of living environment thanks to the work that the USA offers an immigrant. We can say that in the second part, the immigrant realized his "American dream". I have the feeling that this cover can givee hope but is ironic too because this not the reality.

    The hope to live the American dream made of immigrants individuals wanting all costs to settle in the USA even if it means to cross the line of legality and to face disillusionment.

    Partie 2 : It’s can be hard and difficult to adapt to a new location and respect laws, rules. The document The Other Side of the coin can illustrate this mention.
    America and candido are two illegals immigrants who arrived to the USA to realize the American dream and have a better one future. America hope to find a job and to earn money thanks to an adress given by a woman for a job of sewing. They sleep outside and this job coulb bring him opportunities even if she will affect only low wages. But not speaking English and streets being alive all, her it is fast lost. She go trough many moments difficult and feels really alone.
    She moves quickly from happy to worried that the police would find her and the arrest because she undoccumented.
    So America and candido’s story illustrate the notion of Location and Form of Power on the hand for their immigration for better prospects reinforce the economy and the jpb market with menial jobs which improve to the country’s development.
    On the other hand, the migrants community is rejected, left out,despise. It would be necessary to put everyone on an equal fasting and integrate migrants and give them even nights.

    Conclusion : To conclude , migrants cross the border because they need and believe to a better live. By the way they are influenced to the power of the state but that can be hard’ dangerous and difficult to adapt because the american dream can be stay only a dream. I have the feeling that migrants can contribuate and bring something to a state.

    TB.Attention à l’orthographe de certains mots ainsi que la construction de certaines phrases.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 27-04-2017 23:50

    Réponse : Notion/location and form of power de lucile83, postée le 29-04-2017 à 16:24:51 (S | E)

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    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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