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    EO/Space and Exchanges

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    EO/Space and Exchanges
    Message de maxigun posté le 01-05-2017 à 16:43:45 (S | E | F)
    Bonjour à tous !
    Je passe mon Expression Oral d'anglais demain et j'aimerais avoir votre avis sur la notion Space and exchanges. Vos impressions et vos corrections si nécessaires sont les bienvenues ;)
    Voici le développement : (Pour la conclusion, le manque de place m'oblige à la mettre plus bas dans les commentaires, regardez la aussi ^^)

    The notion i am going to talk about is spaces and exchanges.
    First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of this notion:
    An exchange is the act of giving or receiving something in substitution for something else. It can take several forms : cultural, economic, media, or even people. A space is a place with borders. It can take different scale, a room, a field, a country, or the entire world. It can evolve and get bigger or more valuable but it can also disapear. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces.

    We saw the topic of life changing through many documents...
    The first one, a video entitled « why study abroad », is an interview meant to encourage students to go on a gap year.
    The second is an extract from a film entitled « into the wild », it deals with Chris's life after his graduation .
    The third one is a song by Charlie Winston which is defining what is a hobo.

    The aspect of the notion I choose to develop is the impact that a space can have on people. Since we may indeed wonder what drives people to leave the place where they live and their routine to go in another place for a while or for the rest of their life ?

    First of all, the video « why study abroad », is an interview of Madeleine Monhagan who is director in an university. In this video, she tells us her experience. In fact, when she was young, she leaved her native country, Ireland, to study in Caen in Normandy in France. She thinks it is a good point in order to stand above the crowd in today's job market and she says this has always gotten her more noticed than the others. Study abroad is a way to proove you are brave and challenging because you have to leave your family, your friends, and you have to adapt yourself to a new environnement with an other culture. Furthermore, this experience is difficult because you have to learn a new language very quickly. Thus, a gap year can be interesting for many reasons. First, it can allow you to to stand above the crowd, and this is something you can highlight because it is challenging. Furthermore, it's such an enriching experience because you leave you comfort zone to discover a new culture and meet new people. This is also a new way to learn a language, because you are pressurized by your environnement.

    Then ,we studied an extract from a film entitled « into the wild » released in 2007. It's a biographical drama film based on a true story and it has been nominated for many awards. In this film, a young man named Chris who just get gratuated decide to leave the society for the nature. We focused particularly on the scenes which take place during the graduation day and later, at the restaurant just before his departure. In these scenes, we can understand what leads him to leave his family, his friends, his comfortable life to go and live alone in Alaskan wilderness. In fact, he wants to leave the materialism of the society, and especially of his parents. he wants to get rid of superficials things in order to feel the freedom of the life on the road and in the nature. It's a challenging experience for him but he is determinated. At the end of the film, he finally decided to return to society but unfortunatly a swollen river stops him and he died in his bus some time after. The moral of the film is that hapiness only exists when shared.

    Finally, we listened a song of Charlie Winston called « Like a hobo » wich deals with hobos. This song tells us the sotry of a modern hobo with a special philosophy of life : “The less I have the more i'm a happy man”, “lies only stop me from feeling free” “what would life be without a few mistakes ?”. Thus he is not meterialistic, he is honest and admit mistakes are a part of the life. He embodies the idea of the modern hobo. The term “hobo” came from America history. During the beginning of the 20th century, a “hobo” refered to someone who took to life on the railroad, travelling by foot or in freight trains, wandering and looking for work and a better life. At the time people were forced to live like this because this was their only hope to escape the crisis. Today, the term “hobo” deals with people who are looking for adventure and freedom. It has become a way of life wich is choosen and not sudden as it was at the time. Modern hobos are travellers who want to leave their routine and discover new places, meet new people. Sometimes, they also want to live differently, by breaking away from the current consumer society. Like the gap year, modern hobos are looking for an enriching experience.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 01-05-2017 22:25

    Réponse : EO/Space and Exchanges de maxigun, postée le 01-05-2017 à 16:44:42 (S | E)
    Voilà pour la conclusion :

    That is why we can say that there are many reasons that can drive people to leave the place where they live to go in another place for a while or for the rest of their life. For the gap year, it's especially the desire to learn and to discover a new culture, a new language. This is also a good point to stand above the crowd. Like Chris, the desire to live a challenging experience and to leave their comfortable zone can also lead people to move in another place. For the modern hobos, movement is a way of life, it's the desire of adventure and freedom that can leads people to live this way. Finally, the desire to break away from the society of consumption can also convince people to leave and to travel.
    We may of course consider the aspect of the notion I've just developed may be linked to the notion of progress because in those examples, we saw the movement which is chosen, but people don't always choose to leave the place where they live. Sometimes, people are forced to leave their home because of their economic situation, or even because of the policy or the situation in their country. The progress and the development can limit those movements because it tends to stabilize this situation.

    Merci d'avance pour votre aide.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 01-05-2017 22:27

    Réponse : EO/Space and Exchanges de maxigun, postée le 01-05-2017 à 20:52:12 (S | E)
    Help ! Je relance le sujet, si quelqu’un est disponible pour m'apporter une réponse ce ne serait pas de refus.

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