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    Bac/Places and forms of power

    Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais || En bas

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    Bac/Places and forms of power
    Message de lm1999 posté le 03-05-2017 à 12:22:42 (S | E | F)
    Bonjour à tous,
    A l'approche du Bac j'ai rédigé mes synthèses pour l'épreuve orale d'anglais mais je pense avoir fait quelques erreurs : quelqu'un pourrait-il prendre le temps de m'aider pour les corriger et également me relire ?
    Merci beaucoup d'avance !
    ( Je précise que j'ai enlevé la conclusion car il y avait trop de caractères )

    I am going to present the notion of places and forms of power through the cinema.
    First of all I will give you a definition of this notion : places could be defined as an institution, like the
    White House in the USA, that represent a certain form of power, here a symbol of the American
    presidency. A place could also be a state or a country which is economically or politically powerful
    enough to influence events in today’s world. As concerned power, it designs the ability to make things
    happen despite opposition. This could leads to conflict between powerful places and those which
    don’t have it. In order to illustrate this notion, I will attempt to answer the following question : What
    power can the cinema have on the audience ?
    To find an answer, I am going to present several documents that we studied in class about this theme.
    The first document I have chosen is an article written by the author and cinema critic Rupert Morgan.
    This text deals with a film he saw a dozen of times in his early teens. The author describes his feelings
    in front of the big screen of the shabby cinema in his neighborhood, when he was watching Star Wars.
    This movie, released in 1977 and shot by George Lucas, focuses on a futuristic world, with spaceships
    and lasers : when it came out, Star Wars received many negative reviews, but for little boy’s the
    writer’s age, Lucas was a genius, and it was clearly a sucess.
    Trough this article, the narrator wants to show us how a simple movie left a mark on him and his
    childhood. Indeed, he compares Star Wars’ soothing effect to that of a mother’s bedtime story and he
    explains that thanks to this movie, he learned lessons about life, like for example a sincere message to
    become a good man.
    After reading the text of Rupert Morgan, we understand that even in his adulthood, he still
    remembers the impact of this movie : that’s a relevant illustration of the notion of places and forms of
    power as it shows the impact of the cinema on the audience. The testimony of Rupert Morgan proves
    that a movie theatre is a place where people let themselves overpowered by the magic of the cinema,
    but also by the point of view, the experience and the actions of the characters : this could raise
    awareness and develop our critical minds but also increase our knowledge about other cultures and
    humanity. In bringing to light multiple perspectives, the cinema can constitute a form of power.
    The second document illustrating this notion is a review I have written in order to present the movie
    which marked my childhood : I chose the saga Harry Potter, that I can watch tirelessly because the
    adventures of the famous wizard Harry and his friends Hermione and Ron, performed by Daniel
    Radcliff, Emma watson and Rupert Grint are catchy. Every children would dream of living the same in
    the fantastic world created by JK Rowling. When I was younger, I dreamed many times of my
    admission letter from Hogwarts the school of wizardry and today I’m still feeling passion for these
    I can assure that the story of Harry had a huge impact on me. The films produced by David Yates have
    parallels with our society and deal with the same social issues, like stigmatised groups, here the
    « Muggles », those whon don’t have any magic power. Harry will try to understand them and fight for
    a world free of inequalities.
    Finally, I would like to talk about a debate we had in class about Netflix, an american company which
    offers thousands of unlimited series and films online : we were supposed to present our arguments in
    favor of it or in favor of the cinema.
    Today, less and less people go to movie theatres for many reasons like the cost or the disappointing
    scheduling so obviously, a subscription to Netflix for 10€ monthly only is a really interesting
    opportunity : wachting any movie anywhere whenever you want is the stuff dreams are made of !
    However that kind of website put cinema in the shade but they can’t totally stand in for it. First, you
    can’t find every movies on Netflix, especially these which came out lately and are still on the bill at the
    cinema. Moreover, watching a movie on a big screen in a dark room bring special feelings to the
    audience : you only focus on the film and you can susbtitue to the character, which is impossible if you
    are watching it at home in your bed, with your phone and other disruptive elements next to you.
    This debate showed us the evolution of the place of the cinema in today’s society and on Internet. In a
    way, Netflix finally breaks the power that the cinema has on the spectators : it doesn’t leave a lasting
    mark on the audience anymore.

    Modifié par lucile83 le 03-05-2017 21:21

    Réponse : Bac/Places and forms of power de laure95, postée le 03-05-2017 à 18:28:28 (S | E)
    - As concerned power: as far as power is concerned ou concerning power.
    - This could leads to conflict(s) between powerful places
    - what power: which power.
    - but for little boy’s the writer’s age: ?
    - Trough
    - how a simple movie (has)left a mark on him
    - he (has) learned lessons about life,

    - which (has) marked my childhood : I chose the saga (of)Harry Potter
    - Every children: every + singulier.
    - I can assure (you) that the story of Harry (has) had a huge impact on me.

    - american: majuscule
    - less and less people: less and less + singulier.
    - However that kind of website(s) (has) put cinema in the shade
    - every movies
    - especially these (those pas these)which came out
    - Moreover, watching a movie on a big screen in a dark room bring (faute de conjugaison)special feelings
    - In a (certain)way,

    Good job!

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